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Dancer. Choreographer. Teacher. Creative.

Artist Statement

Dancer. Choreographer. Teacher. Creative.

Dance is my life’s calling. It's all I want to do, all the time. As a professional dancer and dance educator, I have learned that growing my craft is not so much about working harder at what I already know, but about passionately learning what I do not know in every space that I show up. This is an ongoing lesson, taught to me over-and-over again, for the last eight years that I have grounded my professional career living and working in my home country, Haiti.

Rich in history and beauty, but poor in infrastructure, Haiti struggles to uplift an emerging generation of dance professionals. Lack of stability colors the challenges I have faced as a dancer and inform the way I use dance as a means of service.

My training, both at home and aboard, in Haitian Folklore, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Latin Ballroom, and Afro-based dance styles, inspires my passion for this field and for building something different, in style and in purpose, that speaks to dance’s ability to bridge gaps and advocate for change. 


For this reason, I am committed to support better health through dance fitness, while building awareness of classical dance and of Afro dance to uplift the people who can identify with me. Through my platform, I am able to merge my creative practice as a dancer-choreographer with my professional experience practice as a dance educator under the same notion: that Haiti’s culture, like dance itself, is expansive and has the capacity to connect us all through its expression. 

Through my work as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and overall creative, I build strong support networks, dialogue, and personal and professional exchanges that make for meaningful experiences as well as impactful art.

-Robenson Mathurin


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